Selling a property in France

As for a purchase, the process can take up to three months.

A sale is an involving process that requires the hand over of a multitude of information and documents to the purchaser related to the property, which will include amongst other documents :

  • Up to date property surveys;
  • Information on current easements.
  • Details and warranty of any work carried out on the property by contractors.
  • Ten year warranty certificates.

You will need to sign the Sale Agreement (Compromis de Vente); document that will summarise all the documentation that has been handed over to the Notaire and will determine your obligations as a vendor. This will be a binding contract.

Once the Compromis de Vente has been signed, completion should take place between 8 to 10 weeks.

Should I advertise my property with more than one Estate Agent?

It is very difficult to answer this question as it depends on how quickly you wish to sell. As in the UK, it has its pros and cons. Whether you decide to sign with one or more Estate Agents, please make sure you read the “small print” as in some cases, if you wish to pull out of the sale you might incur some fees.

Should I hand over the keys of my property to the Estate Agent once the Compromis de Vente has been signed ?

Once the Compromis de Vente has been signed there is no real reason for the Estate Agent to hold the keys to your property, however, it is always a good idea for someone to have a set of keys, in case of an emergency.

Mortgaging, re-mortgaging and/or securities on residential properties. 

For matters relating to French mortgages or securities, please call to make an appointment and discuss the matter with Nathalie Trousset.