Who We Are

We are a firm of French lawyers based in Piccadilly, central London with chambers in Paris dedicated to handle all matters related to French Law.

The practice in London is headed by Nathalie Trousset Fawcett who is both practising as an English Notary Public and a French avocat at the Paris Bar.

We have excellent working relationships with notaires throughout France due to our nationality, professional experience and qualification.

Our clients come from a whole variety of sources - word of mouth, referrals from French notaires, estate agents, solicitors, banks and existing and former clients. We act for both private and corporate clients as well as charitable organizations.

We promote our services selectively, publish legal articles, lecture solicitors and barristers regarding the application of French law and produce brochures on a range of relevant French legal topics. At the outset of a matter, we will provide a client care letter to all prospective clients including our fees and an estimate of the charges likely to be incurred.